Office Building

Annual Saving (51,849 Kwh, $7k)

Number of LED retrofit fixtures

Ton of C02 Reduction

The Benefits

The office building has many metal halide lights outside and many halogen lamps in the restroom and corridor. By replacing those lights with LED, it can save energy for lighting and reduce air-conditioning capacity. In addition, more brightness and better environment is provided for tenants and visitors for them. Thus, the office building could reduce 67% of annual electricity, which is 51,849 Kwh & $7K annual energy cost saving and no O&M cost for almost 11.4 years (50,000 rated hours).

The Solution

We replaced the old type of fluorescent, metal halide and halogen lamps with very advanced and efficient LED without replacing the whole fixtures that are still in very good condition. To reduce the O/M expenses, all ballasts are removed and rewired. Total 297 EA of lights are replaced with LED, that could save more than 67% and less waste rather than replacing whole fixture.

The Challenges

The landscape light fixtures are old and buried underground. Several ones are not working due to water leak. We bypassed the ballast and use the high efficiency LED lamp and sealed them with silicone. For restroom, the space for the lighting fixture is very small, sometime unreachable so it is very hard to rewire the fixture and change the bulbs.