LEF Retrofit Project

Retail Shop

Operating Hours Per Year

Expected Annual Energy Savings (kWh)

Expected Annual Cost Savings

8ft. Fluorescent Fixture 2 Lamp
(2) – 75W
15,000 hrs
8ft. LED Linear 2 Lamp
(2) – 36W
50,000 hrs

The Challenges

This retail shop is located along the beach. During summer time, outside is very shiny bright the customers feels a little bit dark when they enter the shop because of low brightness inside. With new LED lighting tube (bypass the ballast and rewire), it should increase brightness, and reduce energy cost reduce the environmental impact via increased
sustainability, all in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The Benefits

The Brightness has doubled as seen in the above comparison
before-after pictures. Therefore, all the products displayed on the self looks more vivid and draw more attention, which would lead to increase of sales. In addition, the shop could reduce annual electricity 91,559 Kwh, save $10,987 annual energy cost saving and no O&M cost for almost 11.4 years (50,000 rated hours).

The Solution

The existing light fixture has 8 ft fluorescent 75W, 2EA, which consumes 150W. But the LED tube that replaced the fluorescent consume only 36W, 2EA by removing ballast and rewiring the fixture. That could save more than 60% and less waste rather than replacing whole fixture.