Shopping Mall

Annual Saving (139,956 Kwh, $21k)

Number of LED retrofit fixtures

Ton of C02 Reduction

The Benefits

Even though the parking lights uses 250W and 175W Metal Halide and many wall-attached light fixture uses single pin HO fluorescent bulbs. We replaced them with very high efficiency LED corn type and regular LED tubes to keep the brightness and save the energy. Thus, the shopping mall could reduce 73% of annual electricity, which is 139,956 Kwh, $21 K annual energy cost saving and no O&M cost for almost 11.4 years (50,000 rated hours).

The Solution

Because of the unique design of the globe of the street lights, we have no choice to use it instead of replacing whole fixture. For replacing the existing light fixture has 250W and 175W metal halide, we use 54W and 35W corn type LED, by removing ballast and rewiring the fixture. Total 558 EA of lights are replaced with LED, that could save more than 73% and less waste rather than replacing whole fixture.

The Challenges

This retail shop is located along the residential community. Therefore, we must keep brightness for parking lot and should not be flaring. For other wall mounted light fixtures, they are all single pin HO fluorescent bulbs. To retrofit those fixtures, we cut the iron panel and put the new tombstone for regular LED tube, which can save a lot of energy and O/M cost for the future.